Get paid for your premium content

Turn your blog posts, social shares or any link of your choice into cash. By offering your audience the option to buy your content with micro-payments as little as 50 cents - Learn more

Link Gravy allows you to lock content which your users can buy

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Now you can accept payments for all of your content(articles,podcasts,ebooks etc) by simply copy and pasting the link into our service and selecting where you want the payments to go. We'll supply you a new link and take care of the magic.

Easy as 1,2,3

1. Paste the link you want to pay enable
2. Configure payment service and set your price
3. Receive your payment protected URL to post

Monitor your performance

Full analytics package included to help monitor and improve your content's performance. Including detailed revenue reporting

Competitive Pricing

We want you to succeed, the better you do the better we will. As such we will employ a freemium model with a competitive rev share


Protect your content from being read without payment by showing your users a preview of the content which we will automatically capture. This page is fully SEO and social preview capable so for example posting to Facebook will automatically extract the title, description and preview image of your content. The call to action is completely customisable but we offer you some copy that is already optimised to convert.

Converting your link into a paid link is a simple process. Start by pasting the link to the content you want to protect. Content you can protect can be a blog post, website landing page, podcast, video or anything that has a link.

Set your price - anywhere from 50c to $10 and beyond. It's up to you.

Connect your payment processor. We initially will be supporting Paypal who have a micropayments feature where the current rate is just 5c and 5% of every micro transaction. Enjoy the security and that Paypal offer, we never touch your money we just facilitate the transaction.

Customise your call to action or use one of our proven converting copies. This is what your users will see before deciding whether to pay so use the space wisely.

Your link is now ready to be used. Post it to your blog or social media. Your dashboard allows you to monitor the performance of all your paid links.